So few what grains of grace fell measured against all that is wrong within the Wood, and still the scales tip and tip — -She fears they can never be balanced again, her fate forever sealed. The sins of her Mother are sins that she carries and remains an open wound that can never heal.Yet and still — she does not relent. Hers is a heavy burden, bearing the weight of her mother's sins upon her shoulders.A fierce heart's reasons are seen clearly, yet she still cannot be forgiven.

Yet and still, she cannot forgive...

— just as the Wood cannot forget.

Final Fantasy XIV Original Character
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she looks for her omens in the colors of stones

in the faces of cats, in the fall of feathers

in the dancing of fire and the curve of old bones.

NAMENinoh Kah Taatalir
ALIASESNino, Nin, Shroudlily
NAMEDAY20th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon
SPECIESMiqo'te, Keeper of the Moon
HAIR COLORAshy brown, grey highlights
EYE COLORSilvery blue
HEIGHT5 fulms, 7 ilms
TRIBE STANDINGKah of the Ashenshroud

she dances in darkness
sings heathen songs by the light of the moon

She watches the stars and renames the planets

and dreams she can reach them with a song and a croon . . .


⋗ Menphina's Favor ⋖
Intuitive and empathic toward those in need of comfort and healing. She is capable of sensing and feeling the influence of emotional energies around her. This can be a hindrance in large crowds or emotionally charged people.
⋗ Keen Eye ⋖
Through study and training with her clan, Ninoh can read and sense small traces of aether.
⋗ Prophetic Sight ⋖
Though very rare and under certain circumstances, Ninoh is granted glimpses of the future, or rather, what lies before her path. Results will vary.
⋗ Menphina's Tribute ⋖
If you know, you know.


  • Ashenshroud markings are often in white or black ash and applied daily.

  • Clan tattoos mark her face. Her brow markings are faded, a haunt of a representation of her fallen clan.

  • Fingers are wrapped to conceal tattooed runes and symbols that aid her incantations. These are applied by herself and will fade over time and become replaced with new ones.

  • She possesses a permanent mark on her palm, shaped like an eye.

  • More on her tattoos here.


  • Feather adornments through her hair. She is also known to adorn her hair with beaded jewelry, tooth, and bone.

  • Fabrics and l are likely frayed along longer hems. It is rare to see her in new garments, let alone wearing anything that isn't caked in mud.

  • Everything she wears that isn't earned through trade is handmade and naturally dyed.


  • Auditory senses are soft, articulate, and accented. Some words will be clipped if she is speaking Eorzean.

  • Olfactory senses are earthy smells like fresh soil and moss. Incense and oils. Also, a kind of sweet decay, like wet leaves, with honeysuckle.



Perceived to have been blessed by Menphina from the time she was born, Ninoh Kah was destined to walk the path of the Ashenshroud's next Seeress as a spiritual guide and healer. Through the teachings of her grandmother, she studied shamanism, divination, and witchcraft.But with the loss of her clan, Ninoh Kah now walks a different path — now guided by the ghosts of her past and the obligation to carry on a legacy that she believes is to rest on her shoulders solely.She lives in solitude on the fringes of Rootslake, where the swamps meet the dense forests.Those who seek out the shroudwitch come to her for guidance, for healing, and for those that travel a darker path, sometimes — something more.


Ninoh is a modern witch focusing on herbalism and shamanic experiences and practices. She does not belong to a coven and does not follow the tenets of any sect or organized religion. Her craft is her own and handed down to her by the previous shaman of the clan she was born into. Her skills are honed by her own experiences and research.The most definitive characteristic of a Shroudwitch has a remedy for almost everything. Much of it is prepared by the light of the moon.


  • Is very fluent in Huntspeak, and native Shroud dialects.

  • Wrings hands when stressed.

  • When in populated areas, you will find Ninoh standing away from large crowds, as the energy can be overwhelming.

  • Ninoh will not acknowledge Gridanian law, only acknowledging the law of the Twelveswood and the law amongst her fellow Keepers.


  • The company of those who can tell great stories. Live performers, artisans, philosophers, and those skilled in the art of combat are some of her favorites.

  • She is a skilled and capable huntress and prefers to hunt in the light of a full moon. Her choice of weapon to hunt with is the bow.

  • Flavored teas, herbal infusions, and fruity drinks are always her favorites.

  • Communing with the stars by special ritual.

  • The wet, the cold, the damp, the dark, and warm nature where water is present.


  • Cruelty.

  • (Most) Wildlings

  • Poachers and trespassers, ie. Coeurlclaws.

  • Cultists, particularly the Lambs of Dalamud.

  • Gridanians and Gridanian Law

  • The Padjal, Adders, and the Trapper's League.

  • Holds a mild pre-dispositioned aversion towards Wildwood Elezens due to the mistreatment and systemic prejudice against Keepers.

  • Disregard for the respect and preservation of the Black Shroud.



  • Long-term, non-romantic bonds are through chemistry only.

  • She is empathic and knows how to read people. If there is an emotion that you wish for Ninoh to pick up on, send me a tell to let me know!

  • She can 'sense' negative or dark aether and will be put off by the sensation of being near evil or villain entities. Do not be surprised or offended if she chooses to be aggressive or wants to evade your character's presence. How your OC reacts to it is entirely up to you.

  • I have two main characters that I level side-by-side. Ninoh is my character, complimentary to my other main, Nico'to. The two are siblings; however, at this time, neither is aware of the other's presence. All interactions that try to tie them together will be denied or outright ignored unless stated otherwise.


  • Plot heavy connections.

  • Long-term, non-romantic bonds.

  • Members to induct into her Keeper clan.

  • Keeper Clans and Communities.

  • Shroud Witches, Hearers, Wildlings, and other denizens of the Twelveswood.

  • Villains, antagonists, poachers, cultists, or anyone who would challenge a witch in her swamp.

  • Mystical and occult themes, dark, angst, horror, adventure.


  • SHAME The Ashenshroud are a fallen clan, and what remains are the bitter memories of a war-hungry clan that stood defiantly against rival clans, scorching the Shroud in a desperate effort to reclaim their territory in the marshlands. The name brings tremendous shame, and her presence in the Shroud is undoubtedly unnerving to those who know.

  • HEAL It is said that for a price, she will brew a special tea that will bring you to greater enlightenment... or send you into the darkest recesses of your greatest nightmares.

  • SEER Ninoh uses animal bones, nuts, shells, carvings, beads, and water elements to read divine information. She can give guidance based on what she reads within her medium.

  • GIFT She crafts blessings and offers handmade charms and trinkets— she will even tell you of your fortune if you are so inclined.

  • FORAGE She is a known collector of strange and unusual bones, teeth, rocks, and skulls. Bring her something unique, and you may be granted something in return.

  • WRATH The name Taatalir is a cursed name, which is not often uttered freely if one knows the grim stories that led to the demise of the entire Ashenshroud clan. If you are of the Shroud, it is possible that you heard of a Taatalir having returned to the Wood they once sought to destroy.

  • MATRON Ninoh can no longer avoid her obligations to her fallen Clan, taking her seat at the head of the founder family to reinstate the Ashenshroud. Whether you be a future ally or enemy, the Kah will see you now.

Rumors ...

🗬 . . . " What dark conjuring did she use to save herself from th'Greenwrath? Ought not t'trust her... "

" We thought her a ghost! We saw her during the last full moon. She was wandering the swamps, bare-breasted and unafraid of the elements! " . . . 🗬

🗬 . . ." Infection spelled certain death for mine own mother. But she brought roots and herbs that broke his fever overnight. "

" It was just one sip and my wife's labor pains went away. " . . . 🗬

🗬 . . . " Her poison was my medicine. I swore to her that I would never tell what she did but... I'm now free because of her. She saved me from my husband's cruel hand. "

" A Taatalir has no business in the south. What her clan has done... it cannot be forgiven. The Wood should have never forgiven her. " . . . 🗬

🗬 . . . " Aye, y'heard right. She came with her Vultur and poisoned ol' Matron Azaeka and her only son. Won't say it was wrong to take out th'ol hag, but.. he was only a kit, the boy. Did he really deserve to die...? "

Associations ...

🗬 . . . " Don't care what anyone says. Won't trust th' Hunter that keeps 'round her. Don't like how he looks at her, either. Wears a smile well enough but there's somethin' missin' in that eye... somethin' unnatural. "

" Put a spell on him, she did. All she's got to do is call on him, and then he's at her beck and call. He'll bend over backward to see whatever she needs doin'. Imagine havin' that kind of power over a godsdamned Hearer. " . . . 🗬

🗬 . . ." The Seeker that she's been seen around has a wicked infection. The Padjal have a concern if there is any correlation to the increase of voidsent in the area... it might be worth investigating. "

Oh sweet lily of the lake,What gives you the right to make others quake?In your moonlit eye there seems to be mysteries abound.Yet heavy is the head that wears the Kah’s crown.What is it you fear above all others?Is it to be lost in the heart of another?To carry so much pride in each step,That you might trample those beneath those you’ve already swept.Your burden will last longer than a summer,To revive a people is far more than a plunder.Take heed and slow your advance,Unless you wish to lose that second chance.Worry not for those you find in your path.It will be years before you meet them at the final mast.You are a Kah, a Matron, and lover, one day…You’ll have to pick one over the others.



Syn, Synnove, Nove
She / Her / Any
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The fantastic part about FFXIV is the lore that has already been woven into the game, and I strive to maintain an accurate depiction of the canon. As a writer, I want to depict my character within the boundaries of lore while enriching it with my understandings and headcanons in a way that bends but does not break.
The ideas I've incorporated into my characters' canon are my interpretation of the lore and may change and become adjusted over time.